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Military inspired safety device, designed perfectly for any car to save passengers in a life or death situation
Emergency response teams identified 123,157 motor vehicle deaths last year that could have been avoided if passengers were able to exit the vehicle only moments earlier.
"The majority of fatal vehicle accidents happen after the time of collision and are due to passengers being locked, blocked, or stuck inside burning or damaged vehicles. These deaths could be avoided if these passengers had a way break free from vehicles after collision." - Keith Y. (Motor Vehicle Accident and Death Researcher)

The two MOST COMMON reasons for these deaths are..

1. Vehicle door blocked or stuck

2. Seatbelt stuck, release device damaged

It is common for drivers or passengers to be trapped in vehicles after an accident has occurred.

Seatbelt release functions can become unreachable, damaged, or even melted - resulting in belts being stuck, leaving passengers trapped at their seats.

Car doors become stuck, or blocked due to damage or car displacement following an accident. A car window is commonly the only escape route.
HAMMERScape: The military inspired safety device that is being used in motor vehicles across the nation. Easily stored in a center console or dash.  
The HAMMERScape is a hand sized multi-purpose safety hammer that you can keep within reach in your car to use in emergency situations.

Use the HAMMERScape in emergency situations to easily cut a seatbelt or break a car window and escape from danger.

Inspired by the military, it utilizes the same technology to cut and break with ease, and ultimately save lives that would would have been lost.

Easily store the HAMMERScape in a reachable location in your car in case an emergency presents itself is needed to be used to escape.

If you are stuck inside the car and cannot exit through a car door, use the hammer to break any car window. Military glass breaking technology used to break any window with ease.

If your seatbelt or a passengers seatbelt is stuck and cannot be released, easily use the sharp cutting end of the hammer to slice the belt and release yourself or others from the seat. Military cutting technology and design used to perfectly fit and cut any seatbelt with ease. 
"People all over the nation are involved in motor vehicle collisions daily. Many times these collisions end with fatalities that could have easily been avoided. I am grateful that the HAMMERScape is finally available for daily drivers and commuters, I hope to stop investigating these avoidable deaths soon."
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